Discord Servers vs. Facebook Groups: Making the Right Choice for Your Community

In the quest to build and nurture online communities, choosing the right platform is crucial. Discord servers and Facebook groups are two popular options, each with its unique strengths and considerations. In this article, we’ll compare the two and explore why Discord servers stand out as an ideal choice.

User-friendliness and Community Focus

Both Discord and Facebook offer user-friendly interfaces, but their primary focus differs. Facebook is a sprawling social media platform where groups are just one feature among many. Discord, on the other hand, is designed with community building in mind. It provides tools and features that are specifically tailored to create engaging and interactive online spaces.

Instant Chat vs. Traditional Posting

Facebook groups typically rely on traditional posting systems, where members create posts, comments, and threads. While this format can work well for some communities, it lacks the immediacy of real-time interaction. Discord, on the other hand, offers instant chat capabilities, enabling dynamic conversations and fostering a deeper sense of connection. While Facebook has recently attempted to copy Discord by adding group chats through Messenger, it falls far short in its user-friendliness and capabilities.

Ownership and Security

Ownership of your official community space is a crucial consideration. In Facebook groups, anyone with administrative access can add or remove other admins, including the group’s founder. There are no security measures in place to prevent a disgruntled admin from taking full control of your official group.

Discord takes a different approach with tiered permissions. There is only one server owner, and only they have the permission to delete a server or assign/remove administrators. Discord admins cannot touch the permissions of the server owner or their fellow admins. This structure ensures that there is no risk of a hostile takeover on your official community space. It provides layers of checks and balances, giving you peace of mind.

ServerCraft Consulting can offer an in-depth look into your security and permissions settings, optimizing your risk management and ensuring your community’s safety.

Customization and Features

While both platforms offer customization options, Discord’s versatility shines through. You can create unique and engaging experiences tailored to your community’s needs and interests. Colors and images can be altered to match your company’s branding. Discord also offers features such as text and voice channels, video calls, screen sharing, and bot integrations, providing an extensive toolkit for community builders.


When it comes to choosing the platform for your online community, Discord servers offer several advantages over Facebook groups. Discord’s user-friendliness, instant chat capabilities, ownership and security structure, customization options, and extensive features make it a standout choice for community builders.

In our upcoming articles, we’ll explore how ServerCraft Consulting can help you harness the full potential of Discord for your online community needs. Stay tuned for insights on customizing your server, fostering engagement, and creating a thriving digital space.

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