Frequently Asked Questions:
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Why do I need your help building a server? Can’t I make one myself?

You definitely can create one yourself, but the brilliance of Discord lies in the full and proper use of all of its native features and independent bots, which can take a great deal of time and effort to learn. While you could certainly set up a functional server, it may not be optimized for community interaction and growth. The benefit of using ServerCraft is that we already have this knowledge, and can set up your server quickly and to a high standard that only comes from having years of experience building and running Discord servers.

I’m nervous about giving someone else administrative privileges in my existing server. Why do you need those permissions?

All server design and setup features require special permissions to access, and many of them require full administrative permissions. Hiring ServerCraft will require trust on your part and will result in impeccable professionalism on our part. We understand the importance of risk management, and will be as transparent and efficient as possible. It is important to note that even with administrative permissions, we would not be able to access settings related to the other admins or the server owner. There is no situation in which the server owner could not have the full control to remove or alter our level of access. However, if giving administrative permissions is a hard boundary, we recommend our Design service, which only requires the permission to alter channels.

How long does the full process take?

This depends on which services you select, how many alterations you make during the process, and how involved your specific requests are. A simple Design service for a brand new server with minimal changes to the mockup could take as little as 2-3 business days. Our largest service (Support) and an involved client with higher customization needs may take up to a full month. Please note that while most clients reside in the US, our Chief Architect has recently relocated to the UK, so time zone differences may account for some delays in communication speed. When you have your first consultation with us, we will give you a general time frame to expect for the work, and you will be provided with a project breakdown with live-time updates, so you always know what we’re working on and the project’s progress.

My server’s needs have changed since ServerCraft designed it. Can I get help with making adjustments?

If you’ve used our Support service, we will be meeting with you two more times (at 3 and 6 months) to ensure that your design is working well for you. If you need any changes made at these points, we are happy to provide a 1 hour consultation and 1 hour of work on the server to make those changes at no additional cost. If you used our Design or Setup services, we bill hourly for consultation and server work at $75/hour.

How can I be sure that ServerCraft's design will be what I'm looking for?

The hallmark of ServerCraft is complete customization. Communities are as varied as people, and no two servers will look exactly the same. If you choose to work with us, we’ll discuss exactly what you want for your community – functionality, aesthetic, branding, goals, etc. Your server will be created to match that vision, and we’ll check in often to ensure the design and setup are still reflective of your goals. While we will give you our professional opinion regarding feature utilization, proven methods for success on the platform, and optimal design for ease of use, your server will ultimately be delivered to your specifications.


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